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Asanas Energy Medicine

The Asanas Energy Medicine Stage allows everyone to learn an innovative, effective and quick application care technique.


Course open to all


3 p.m.: 2 days of training


Practical and operational training


Person in retraining
Individual wishing to intervene on their loved ones


Personalized follow-up after the course


      Stage       490.00
Possibilité de refaire la formation gratuitement

The AEM Method is a tissue approach: it is suitable in casetorticollis, vertebral and muscular pain, rheumatism, circulatory and nervous disorders, … and above all it can be practiced in self-correction which makes it unique.

It consists of acupressure, of several points, of the vibration of subcutaneous zones, of movements of integration of archaic reflexes and it has several benefits such as:

  • The activation of the body's self-healing

  • Relaxation of muscle contractions

  • Strengthening the immune system

  • Improved blood circulation

  • Relief of bone and joint pain

To about
Face-to-face courses

Internship Objectives

This training aims to learn pressure points and vibration techniques and also to treat the various osteoarticular pathologies.

Methodology and pedagogy
This course offers courses transmitted by a trainer and documents that include all of the therapeutic methodology.

No prerequisites. The course is open to all people (initiated or not) wishing to intervene on osteo-articular pathologies such as: lumbago, sciatica, torticollis, sprains, joint pain and many others.


To ensure optimal learning, we offer this course in small groups. The seats are limited. Fill out this form now by choosing the date of the desired course to be contacted quickly.

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